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Chess is an intelligent entertainment for both children and adults, which helps to develop logical thinking and intellectual abilities.

Would you like to play but have only a few minutes break at your disposal? Playing chess does not always have to mean playing the whole game. Although according to the rules, each player starts the game with sixteen pawns, you can try something completely different – select the Challenges tab in the menu. You will be tasked with winning the game, i.e. with checkmating the opponent in one, two or three moves. Will you take the challenge?

Apart from making the game quick and more dynamic, challenges are also a great way to learn. Similar combinations may appear in a real game, so by solving them players can improve their ability to checkmate their opponent, virtual or real.

Try your hand at the royal game, download Chess and play absolutely for free. Check also our brand new features – solve challenges, use hints and undo your moves.


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Basic Chess Rules

Find how to play and to win

Where to start? The game is played on an 8×8 chessboard. Each player has got 8 pawns and 8 pieces – king, queen, two rooks, two bishops and two knights.

If you would like to know in what way pieces and pawns are set at the beginning of the game, download Chess on your mobile.

Do you want to check your skills?

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